Tasty N Alder

After a year of living in Portland, I finally partook in BRUNCH. I keep hearing that “brunch” is the thing to do in Portland, but never wanted to wait in line for breakfast. Let’s be honest here, I’m not a morning person and you put me in a 45 minute wait for food at 9 AM, then I’m reallllyyy not a morning person. But when my brother came to visit, I suppressed my 9am tasmanian devil and went to Tasty N Alder. (plus we went to blue star doughnuts while we waited…). And man oh man was it worth it. I didn’t know I hadn’t lived before this meal…

We had Auntie Paulas french toast, which was amazing. The toast is battered in Ruby Jewel’s ice cream with a pear maple jam and vanilla whipped cream. My only regret was that we only ordered the half plate instead of the full plate.


Who can say no to biscuits and fried chicken?


The crowning glory of steak, cheddar eggs, corneal pancake and jalepeno butter.


If only I could eat here for breakfast every morning….

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