Why do you wipe your chopsticks?

phooregon It is an unwritten rule, that every time you go to a pho restaurant, you wipe off all your utensils with a napkin. You gotta make sure they’re clean right? you don’t want to eat any dirt or anything. …but when you really think about it, it probably doesn’t help at all. But i’ve been doing it since I can remember, and everyone in my family does it and all my friends do it, so why stop now, right? Just one of the many memories attached with my favorite comfort food. pho. It’s best eaten on a cold rainy day, and thank goodness for me, I live in Portland and there are plenty of opportunities for me to crave delicious clear broth. When I was living in Southern California, my roommates and I would rearrange our schedules so that we could have pho when it finally rained. I’m pretty sure I introduced every one of them to pho. (one of my greatest accomplishments.) and nothing felt better than coming in from the cold rain to that warm soup. When my family didn’t know what to do for dinner, or didn’t feel like cooking and wanted a quick cheap meal…Pho Pasteur was always there to help. Now that my husband and I live in Portland, Pho Oregon is our place of choice and it blissfully reminds me of home. Everything from the three foot golden happy budha to the classic plasticware that somehow every single asian restaurant has. So why do I wipe my chopsticks and spoon with a napkin before eating at a pho restaurant? because it tastes better that way.

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  1. Bryce says:

    I love all your wonderful pictures and post of great looking food!

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