The first time I walked into Cacao I instantly fell in love. Probably because they were playing Erykah Badu (my all time fav), but also because they have delicious hot chocolate. This yuppity chocolate joint is the place if you want rich chocolate in multiple varieties and a chill environment. The hot chocolate was more rich than it was sweet, which is perfect! It had more dark chocolate flavors which makes my non-18-year-old taste buds sing sweet songs of elation. Not to mention, they can substitute milk with almond milk or soy milk. It is the quintessential place to catch up with some friends on yet another cold rainy day in Portland.

This last time I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering the Rivoli drinking chocolate with a shortbread cookie. The chocolate was delicious and the cookie was delicious, but after I had a bite of the sweet cookie my dark chocolate drink tasted bitter. bummer. lesson learned. don’t buy the sweet cookie with the dark chocolate… just like ice cream with lemonade….

And how can anyone forget the $50 golden Guadalupe chocolate, in which one day I hope to have the guts to buy.


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