IMG_4390 Casual freshly made pasta. mmm it was melt-in-your-mouth good! The whole time Bryce and I were mmm-ing and ooh-ing with every bite. yenno, the sounds you make when you eat something really good. It’s an automatic reflex, no control whatsoever.

Here, we have pictured on the left is your black pepper tonnarelli with salt and pepper shrimp, lemongrass and fried jalepenos! The shrimp was the prima donna principle of the show. Slightly battered, which gives them a little extra crunch when you bite into it. Although, the jalepenos were a strong candidate for a supporting role. Suprisingly,  the crispy jalepenos weren’t very spicy, but I was too preoccupied with the flavor and texture, that I didn’t even miss it!

Who can say no to pork belly mac and cheese? Two of my favorite things combined into one bowl of greatness. The sauce was so creamy and deep, while the pork belly was like Christmas candy. It was crispy, it was sweet, it was savory. I’ve found my new mac and cheese go-to.

The best part about Grassa is that it’s atmosphere is nice enough to feel like I didn’t waste a Friday night dinner, but casual enough that I don’t feel like I need to wash my hair.

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