Gung Hay Fat Choi! Year of the Sheep

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


No fuss, no mess. My favorite holiday of the year: chinese new year. I love that it lasts for weeks and it’s all about family, good wishes and food.

As a kid we always had a new year candy platter with an impressive array of candy and sweets. Naturally, being the picky eater that I was, I finished off all the ones I loved and didn’t even look at all other options. As an adult on my own, I have the joy of only purchasing the ones I love and leaving out all the others.

My favorite will always be the dried candied lotus seeds. Maybe one year, I’ll learn the meaning behind each candy, but for now, I just love the crunchy sweet and subtle flavor.

The lucky candy will be snacks to take to school for weeks to come. Shiny red wrappers sprinkled around the house nostalgically remind me of new beginnings and the delicious meals in the coming weeks. Apparently, they’re strawberry flavored. I had no idea. all these years. strawberry? Really?

The candied coconut, I never liked, but I knew Bryce would like them. Lo and behold, it’s new years and they’re all gone.

Continuing family and cultural traditions, maybe not in the most traditional way, but in the way I remember and cherish. May the year of the sheep be succesful and be full of happiness for everyone who reads this!

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