New-Old Traditions: Lucky Dumplings

dumplings1 dumplings2

dumplings4 dumplings3 My favorite family memories consisted sitting around our dining room table, with a big bowl of  minced meat and vegetables, wrapping dumplings.

Our neighbor, Wendy, would come over on a Saturday afternoon with a bowl of freshly made dough, while my mom made the filling. An award deserving duo. My mother would elicit the help of anyone that she could lasso and most of the time we would willfully volunteer, knowing quite clearly that the faster we made the dumplings, the faster we could devour them!

Stories and laughter filled the kitchen as our fingers intuitively folded pleats into the pocket of each dumpling. And of course, the “non-competitive” competition of “whose dumpling looks better” arises every time.

This year, I ventured to continue my family traditions on my own. I adapted a recipe from . I added a little more ginger, because I love the extra spicy kick and I always add more vegetables because I love how much more depth I get from more vegetables.

I couldn’t get enough of the sweet smell of chopped Chinese chives dancing through the air, releasing a new crisp movement every time my knife made another cut through the bunch.

My first attempt at making the dough, was quite the dilemma and debacle as every wrapper I made, I gained more respect for Wendy’s skill. Thankfully, I remembered my sweet husband bought me a pasta maker a while ago. I could finally get to the part that I was good at: wrapping the dumplings.

Now I can make new memories to add along to old traditions.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryce says:

    Gung Hay Fat Choi. Wow this looks so good. You are so talented!

    1. sholmes86 says:

      Thank you! I have such a supportive husband!

  2. duongsizzle says:

    Nice Story and great pics!

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