Lettuce is in the House.

plants-beginningplantsplantsprogressIt takes a significant amount of effort for me to not buy plants at the farmers market in the springtime. Every year I just need to purchase whatever my little porch will allow and hope for the best. In the past it’s been quite tricky trying to chase the sun around my shady apartment. At my first apartment, I would take my planter down three flights of stairs in hopes to get a few hours of sunlight. Then my second apartment, I would bring the planter from my front porch through the apartment to the back porch in hopes to get the most sunlight. Third year is a charm and so far my plants are doing wonderful!

Gardening is essential to truly appreciate good food.

There isn’t anything quite like having fresh out of the ground food and sometimes it can be a little tricky to obtain, but with a little love, time, water and sunlight you can grow your own summer veggies too.

Beginners Tips

Know your sun. Pay attention to how much sunlight you get in your yard or porch. If you don’t get very much sunlight, then hope is not lost, you just need to get different plants. From my experience, you don’t want to buy a dwarf blueberry plant, if you only get 3 hours of sunlight a day. But, lettuce is does great! Lettuce probably does better with just partial sun, because then it doesn’t bolt.

Know your space. …and size of pots lettuce allows for shallow pots, but carrots and root veggies need something a little deeper

Know your grower. I have never been been ambitious enough to start from seeds. To me, since my sunlight has been vary variable and everything is in pots, it is easier to just start from starters. Also, this way when I buy them from the farmers market I can ask a bunch of questions from the grower as far as what is and isn’t reasonable. Taking to growers is the best resource you have as a new gardener.

Know when to water. In the summertime I always water my plants in the early morning or late at night, that way if it’s a really hot day, the plants have plenty of water to last all day. Then, if I come home from work and notice they’re looking a little dehydrated, I can add a little more water.

Know how to try. It never hurts to try. That’s the beauty of gardening, is that sometimes things don’t work out and sometimes they do. Every time you grow something it always adds into a memory archive to help you grow a better garden the next year. I was always warned about growing lettuce because it comes out bitter, but it turns out that if it stays cool and you don’t wait too long to harvest, it will turn out great!

and of course, don’t forget to weed. My spinach was looking pretty sad and pathetic until I realized that a giant weed was hiding and sucking out all the nutrients from under my plant.

Let me know if you have any tips for me to grow my little plants!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryce says:

    WOW I bet the first harvest will taste delicious. Great pictures and a great looking garden. Very talented!

  2. duongsizzle says:

    Nice tips, I’ll have to give gardening a shot!

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