Summertime treats


Once I see asparagus at the farmers market , I can’t help but count down the days and weeks until all the summer produce come around. Of all the delicious produce to ripen up and overtake the markets, my favorite by far is the strawberries.

Strawberry picking isn’t my fav though. The berries are not at a very comfortable picking level, and they have little stickers or something that make my arms swell and itch… not the most inviting berry I would say, but the allergic reaction was well worth every tiny burst of juicy berry!(Pro Tip: the smallest berries are the sweetest berries).  After I gobbled as much as I could down fresh, I couldn’t help by make strawberry shortcake.

Excited to finally use the biscuit recipe from The Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, I was able to complement and elevate the flavor of the Oregon Strawberry, by adding just a touch of sugar to pull all the sweet juices out of the berries. You don’t want to add too much, because then you’ll loose the flavor of the strawberries in all the sugar, and all you’ll have left is sticky sugar. Same thing with the whipped cream. Make sure you don’t add too much sugar to the cream, I hardly add any sugar, because the cream, is mainly to make the dessert smooth, not to make it sweeter. (can you tell i’m anti-tons and tons of sugar in desserts?) And the biscuit. Well… that speaks for itself.


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  1. Bryce says:

    Wow very talented individual, both in food and photo!! Looks fabulous!!

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