Palm Springs Travel Guide


It has been an incredibly cold and stormy winter here in Portland with record snowfalls and I’m just about done with winter! But with this cold rainy weather I’m dreaming of our trip back in November when we went to Palm Springs and I wish I could be there RIGHT NOW! If you’re lucky enough to head out there anytime soon, here are a few fun things to visit and see while you’re there.

Joshua Tree National Park

One of the cooler national parks I’ve been to. Definitely worth the 45 minute drive out. It truly encapsulates the desert beauty. You can easily spend all day there, if not more, depending on the experience you want. There are hikes and viewpoints all over. Just a fair warning, bring enough water, food and gas before you go into the park because there isn’t any inside the park.


Moortens Botanical Garden

So stinkin’ cool. Originally opened in 1960s and had just a few cacti, and in the off season Mr and Mrs Moorten would travel the world collecting cacti to eventually what it is today. Their son and daughter-in-law own it today and live on the property. You’ll find a prick load of cacti and inside their cactacarium you’ll find a lot of rare super cool looking cacti you’ve never seen before. Including one that grows horizontal.


Renting bikes and biking around town

Super super super fun! We rented bikes and biked around town to look at all the cool architecture and buildings. You can rent them all day long and just bike around to everything you want to see. The town is small and flat, so biking is super easy, and environmentally friendly too!

palmsprings-8Uptown design district

Design and art stores which transport you back to the fifties. Unique mid-century modern designs to inspire you and because they’re so personalized to Palm Springs. There, you’ll find various design and antique shops while being able to dine in some hip restaurants.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryce H. says:

    Amazing photos, you have some real skill!! Cant wait to go and check out all these amazing places. Thanks for the post

  2. MaileMarie says:

    I’m headed there in March. These are some great tips and absolutely beautiful photos! This is making me really look forward to the trip. Thanks!

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