Summer Palace Town of Sintra

Quinta da Regaleira

This is the first of my international travel series and guides on the blog and I’m pretty excited about it. My goal has always been to be a food and travel blog, but I had a little trouble focusing my travel energy to something useful besides just a lot of babbling and excitement. So hopefully you will be able to enjoy this series in my blog as much as I have putting it all together.

Sintra is a beautiful day trip away from Lisbon and it is fairly easy to get to. From Rossio Station in Lisbon, you can take a train and get directly to the town. From the train station you can take a bus to what you need to see. We bought our train ticket and an unlimited CP bus ticket from the Rossio Station in Lisbon (~15 Euros). I would highly recommend buying the bus ticket here because it will save you some money and you won’t have to wait in lines to purchase a bus ticket to get up to Pena Palace.

If you purchase your tickets in advance and group a few attractions together, it will save you some time and money. You can purchase tickets here or in Sintra.

Pena Palace

Pena Palace– The palace had amazing views, tiles and architecture, and was repainted to look like it did when the palace was in the height of use.  But the best part was the national park surrounding the castle. There were trails that led up to the highest point of the hills with beautiful views and gardens throughout. The grounds were a very nice way to relax since the palace can get pretty hectic. A must-see attraction when visiting Sintra.

From the train station take Bus 434 to Pena Palace.  Also, it can get pretty crowded at Pena Palace, so get there early.

Door at Pena Palace
Moorish Castle

Moorish Castle-Stop on Bus 434 route, but you can also walk here from Pena Palace. Most day trips to Sintra will tell you to go to Pena Palace and then Moorish Castle. There were both Islamic and Christian inhabitants in the castle over the years. The remains are mainly a castle wall which you can walk along and overgrown foliage which give the whole place a magical feeling of ancient beauty.

Chapel and Main House at Quinta Da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira– My favorite part of Sintra. You will need to take a different bus to come out here, but worth it. It was a mix of everything cool all in one entrance fee (cash only ~6 Euro). The Initiation Well was the main reason I wanted to visit and it reminded me a lot of Bane and the Dark Knight Rises. It led to underground passageways that was kinda creepy, but also very cool.  Then it was also a fairy tale castle with romantic towers, beautiful flowers and grottos.  It was the dreamiest part of Sintra.

We took Bus 435 from the train station. It’s also only about 2 km from the train station so you could walk there pretty easily.

Initiation Well at Quinta Da Regaleira


I would love to come back and see more of the town and restaurants that are there. The whole place was so incredibly dreamy and a highlight of our trip

Have you every been to Sintra? What are your favorite places to see there?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryce says:

    Simply amazing! This is one of my favorite vacations and I love how simple it will be next time because of the great advice given above. Thank you!

  2. Linh Duong says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    The travel tips are great!
    Your blog made me want to visit Sintra again

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